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We don’t understand, as they are everyday type jobs

I know of some jobs here that do, but for what reason, we don’t understand, as they are everyday type jobs.

I can understand those employers that want a check if they are in a position of security matters, but many are not.

I would think that if one files Bankruptcy, they should be seen as not in dire need of money anymore at that point.

The truth of the matter though is that a lot of people have desperation for money even though they have good credit. There are even those who have money good credit and still feel as if they always need an extreme amount more even if this means being devious about getting it. For example, if they lived through the Depression or something similar, I think they have a tendency (not all..but a lot) to always seek the need for money and ‘things’ We had two family members like this.

They had much money and good credit (when I say much, I mean millions) and still had the need (or psychosis, if you will) to cheat people out of money. Maybe it’s a compulsion, I don’t know, but that’s why the credit checks for jobs doesn’t follow logic in our opinions by what we have seen for the most part (and by ‘most part’, again, I mean I understand the jobs having to do with security).

Many things don’t seem to follow logic like you would think though, unfortunately.

As far as bank employees go, (I’ll try to keep this short) we had a particular bank here for years and they made a horrible nightmarish error on our account over a year ago. It was right before Christmas. At first, instead of fixing it, they kept denying they did wrong, and went as far as to ‘lose’ the paperwork. Luckily someone else found it there and we were told privately by one person there that they didn’t want to admit it at that time due to the tellers losing their Christmas bonuses.

Apparently, they received a bonus if they didn’t make any mistakes during that time. They finally got it straightened out after 2 months, with the help of our attorney, although it just goes to show how corrupt people can be in the name of a dollar. I’m not sure a credit check would have stopped this or many other situations like this. They might have had one though, I don’t know for sure.

What a world we live in, huh?

Many jobs require a background check

Many jobs require a background check. My sister has very poor credit but managed to pass a background check to work in a special office at Boeing.

She was a receptionist, and had access to classified information. I don’t know if a bankruptcy would have caused a refusal or not. But I would assume that they don’t want people in desperate need of money to have access to classified information on fighter planes. So, I can see where they would be concerned about bringing in somebody who is more likely to be tempted.

here is a good video about checking:

I would also think that bank tellers would be a job where they would consider that a bit more.