I don’t know where you live

I don’t know where you live but we’re are in AZ so NOT running the AC is not an option!! But we do try to keep it at 80-82 degrees if we’re not home and 78-80 degrees if we are! Believe me, I hate that bill ( which is $200 and up mar-oct) but I hate the heat more! You need to find out if you are on an on-peak – off-peak plan because that will make a huge difference!

The way that works is the electric co. charges like $0.20 per kw from 7am to 7pm(peak time) and $0.07 per kw from 7pm to 7am ( off peak time) and a lot of times weekends are off peak. If you are on a plan like this doing laundry during the day is not a good idea. I hope that this is some help to you and good luck!