Gas prices!

I wanted to start a discussion on how the gas prices and the rate increases are affecting your every day life.

Here are a few questions:

Today did you think about the price of gas?

YES! I cringe every day now wanting to see if it went up or down.

Today did the price of gas impact your choices in spending?

YES! I did not stop at Wendy’s while out on my errands because I didn’t have the extra money for lunch. I didn’t stop at WalMart to see if I needed anything I forgot. I didn’t go to Office Max to check out their sales. There was a big garage sale today that I didn’t go to because gas is $3 a gallon and I just didn’t want to spend the money

Did you today calculate how much you spent on gas?

YES! I spent $12 for a round trip just to go to town. I now see I am not going to be buying another vehicle anytime soon and when I do it will be a cheap one due to high gas prices.

What did you NOT buy or NOT pay because you used the money for gas instead?

I adjusted my hubby’s mad money today and had to tell him that instead of $100 next week he only gets $75. That extra $25 that we paid to gas this week has to come from somewhere.

Did you adjust your thermostat because of the new rate increase in utilities?

YES! My thermostat is at 82 because I just don’t want to give extra money to the electric company.

Did you wear less clothes because it was hot to avoid turning your air down?

Worn the same amount of clothes today

Did you go around today and unplug all appliances you are not using because of the rate hikes?

I am only using appliances I have to use.

Did you price shop today for a new heating/air unit because of the rate hike?

YES! Not for a new unit but there are 2 houses I really like on the market and I will decide on the cheaper one for one reason – lower light bills. BUT it will need to have the gas unit replaced to electric.