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Does anyone else have an answer?

That is a good question! Does anyone else have an answer? My situation is that I have a lot of debt.

NOTHING is past due… yet. But we barely are making ends meet and are at the point that when we do serious grocery shopping it gets put on plastic. What do I do? I have heard more times than not that credit counseling is bad news on your credit report.

I keep thinking that bankruptcy is going to be the answer. As soon as I start to think that way I try to make things work, but they just get worse. My husband and I make a decent living but paying over $1000/mo in credit card bills is killing us. Any suggestions?

Gas prices!

I wanted to start a discussion on how the gas prices and the rate increases are affecting your every day life.

Here are a few questions:

Today did you think about the price of gas?

YES! I cringe every day now wanting to see if it went up or down.

Today did the price of gas impact your choices in spending?

YES! I did not stop at Wendy’s while out on my errands because I didn’t have the extra money for lunch. I didn’t stop at WalMart to see if I needed anything I forgot. I didn’t go to Office Max to check out their sales. There was a big garage sale today that I didn’t go to because gas is $3 a gallon and I just didn’t want to spend the money

Did you today calculate how much you spent on gas?

YES! I spent $12 for a round trip just to go to town. I now see I am not going to be buying another vehicle anytime soon and when I do it will be a cheap one due to high gas prices.

What did you NOT buy or NOT pay because you used the money for gas instead?

I adjusted my hubby’s mad money today and had to tell him that instead of $100 next week he only gets $75. That extra $25 that we paid to gas this week has to come from somewhere.

Did you adjust your thermostat because of the new rate increase in utilities?

YES! My thermostat is at 82 because I just don’t want to give extra money to the electric company.

Did you wear less clothes because it was hot to avoid turning your air down?

Worn the same amount of clothes today

Did you go around today and unplug all appliances you are not using because of the rate hikes?

I am only using appliances I have to use.

Did you price shop today for a new heating/air unit because of the rate hike?

YES! Not for a new unit but there are 2 houses I really like on the market and I will decide on the cheaper one for one reason – lower light bills. BUT it will need to have the gas unit replaced to electric.

I am not sure if the off peak / on peak program is everywhere

I am not sure if the off peak / on peak program is everywhere but we have it here in AZ and we had it in CA. You may even have the option to be on it or not. We did and I chose not to be on it because I am home all day with my kids and I have to use my big appliances during the day (I have a never ending mountain of laundry!)

Our elec. co. even checked to see which plan would be better for us. I would ask your elec co if they have the peak plan and if it would be in your best interest to use it. And if at all possible use energy star appliances, they make a huge difference! I certainly hope that this will help and good luck!

I don’t know where you live

I don’t know where you live but we’re are in AZ so NOT running the AC is not an option!! But we do try to keep it at 80-82 degrees if we’re not home and 78-80 degrees if we are! Believe me, I hate that bill ( which is $200 and up mar-oct) but I hate the heat more! You need to find out if you are on an on-peak – off-peak plan because that will make a huge difference!

The way that works is the electric co. charges like $0.20 per kw from 7am to 7pm(peak time) and $0.07 per kw from 7pm to 7am ( off peak time) and a lot of times weekends are off peak. If you are on a plan like this doing laundry during the day is not a good idea. I hope that this is some help to you and good luck!